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Smokehouse Landing Boat Ramp
1 Herring Road

GPS: N 30 24.654 W 86 00.193

Fee: $ 3.00, honor box to the right of ramp.

Private ramp open to the public.

Wide concrete boat ramp.

Parking for 15+ vehicles, trash can.

last visited: Aug 2010
Dead River Landing Boat Ramp
(aka Seven Runs)
2356 Dead River Road
Red Bay, FL

GPS: N 30 32.532 W 85 53.422

Fee: None

Single lane, concrete boat ramp.

Nice park under the trees on Dead River/Seven Runs
Creek. It has 3 concrete picnic tables with grills, porta-potti,
trash cans. Well marked 2.3 mile gravel road from Hwy 81
with sign on Hwy 81. Undesignated parking area for 15-20

last visited: August 2010
Seven Runs Kayak Launch
Hwy 81
Red Bay, FL

GPS: N 30 32.362 W 85 55.226

Fee: None

NW Florida Water Management District

Carry in (15') access to Seven Run's Creek

Nice small park on the northwest side of the Hwy 81/Seven
Runs Creek bridge. Parking lot  for 8-10 cars. Covered
pavilion. Four picnic tables, 3 grills, tash cans, porta-potti.

last visited: August 2010
Tilly Landing Boat Ramp
11267 State Hwy 81
Bruce, FL

GPS: N 30 33.626 W 85 53.811

1.8 miles east of Hwy 81 along a good gravelled road. Gate
half way in, but normally open.
Fee: None
NW Florida Water Management District managed area.
Single concrete/rock boat ramp. Jon boat/bass boat
accessible. Gravel parking lot for 10-12 vehicles with boat
trailers, more parking available along road. Picnic pavilion
with 2 tables, grill, trash can, porta potti. No water or
electric. Isolated area.
Camping area just north of boat ramp area.

last visited: Aug 2010

Bozeman's Fish Camp
Boat Ramp

245 BMW Road

GPS: N 30 26.488 W 85 57.712

Fee: $ 3.00, honor box just before you go down the hill to
the ramp.

Private ramp open to the public

Excellent, well kept single lane boat ramp.

last visited: Aug 2010

Cowford Landing New
Boat Ramp
Hwy 20/Choctawhatchee River bridge
Ebro, FL

Not shown on Google Earth but new ramp & paved parking
area completed in 2010.

GPS: N 30 27.043, W 85 53.945 (new ramp)

Fee: Free
A park/boat ramp operated by Walton County.
Good, wide single lane concrete boat ramp with steel ramp
at the waters edge. Designated paved parking for 11
vehicles with boat trailers, 1 handicap designated parking.
Covered pavilion with picnic tables, grill.

last visited: Aug 2010

West Bank Boat Ramps
South to North to Alabama state line
Rooks Bluff Boat Ramp
Rooks Bluff Rd

GPS: N 30 25.735  W 85 58.933

Fee: $3.00, honor box

Private fish camp/boat ramp open to the public.

Single lane concrete boat ramp, steep, current can be swift
at times.

Parking for 10+ vehicles in open field.
Unattended, sign on Black Creek Rd

last visited: Aug 2010

Simpler Fish Camp Boat Ramp
108 McCewen St
Ponce de Leon, FL 32455
(850) 835-1000

GPS:  N 30 26.017  W 85 58.714

Fee: $  3.00, honor box

Private boat ramp/fish camp, open to the public.

Single unimproved boat ramp.

Parking for 10+ vehicles.

Bait, etc available at office, unknown times of operation.
Cowford Landing Old
Boat Ramp
(aka Bruce landing, Ebro Landing)
14160 State Hwy 20 E
Ebro, FL

GPS: N 30 27.065, W 85 53.933 (old ramp)

Walton County operated ramp.

Double concrete boat ramp, still usable for small boats but
use caution, concrete is broken in several pieces. New
ramp has been constructed 50 yards south.

Undesignated parking area for 40 + vehicles with trailers
(under bridge)

last visited: Aug 2010

Commanders Landing Boat Ramp
2309 McCaskill (River) Road
Ponce de Leon, FL

GPS: 30 37.193 W 85 54.616

Walton county operated boat ramp and park.

Concrete boat ramp with loading dock. Park has pavilion
with 4 picnic tables, 4 grills, porta-potti, trash cans, and
parking in field for 15-20 vehicles. Approximately 2.3 mies
from the hwy 81 turnoff on a good, well-marked gravel road.

For more information, click on the link below:
Commanders Landing Boat Ramp

last visited: Aug 2010

Bruce Creek Boat Ramp
aka Camp House Landing
Camp House Landing Rd
Ponce de Leon, Fl

GPS: N 30 27.270 W 85 55.475

Walton county operated boat ramp.

Single concrete boat ramp to Bruce Creek, a tributary of the
Choctawhatchee River. The creek has a lot of fallen trees
in it with shoaling around the ramp area. Suitable for small
boats only.
Parking for around 10 vehicles, trash can, fire pit. Very

last visited: Aug 2010

Grassy Landing
end of Grassy Landing Lane (dirt)

GPS: N 30 38.341 W 85 54.745

Fee: None
Morrison Springs Boat Ramp
Morrison Springs

GPS: N 30 39.158 W 85 53.722

Fee: None

Walton county operated park and boat ramp.

Single lane concrete boat ramp.

Newly constructed boat ramp located south of the main
Morrison Springs.  Boat ramp area has paved marked
parking for 24 vehicles with boat trailers. Trash can, sign
says "No Dogs Allowed". Open sunrise to sunset.  

last visited: Aug 2010

Cow Lake Landing Boat Ramp
GPS: 30 40.517 W 85 52.762

Fee: None

NWFWMD/FWC/Walton county operated ramp

Single concrete boat ramp down to Cow Lake. Loose gravel
at top of ramp.

Parking lot is gravel, has enough room for unmarked
parking for around 10 vehicles in open field. Has a picnic
table, grill, trash can.

Google maps does not show this ramp well but it has a
cleared area around the ramp for parking and the road is
clearly marked and newly gravelled.

last visited: August 2010

Cedar Log Landing (New)
Boat Ramp
28 Old Cedar Creek Rd
Ponce de Leon, FL

GPS: N 30 40.781 W 85 52.560
Fee: None

FWC/Walton County operated park and boat ramp.
Wide, steep single lane boat ramp down to the main
river.Real nice park and boat ramp on a small bluff
overlooking the river. Recently constructed, park has a
pavilion with 2 picnic tables. Other facilities include trash
cans, lights, grill, but I  did not see a porta potti yet. Paved
parking lot with 26 marked parking lanes for vehicles with
boat trailers (1 handicap marked), 5 regular parking spots.
last visited: Aug 2010

Coon Bottom Landing Boat Ramp
aka Bonifay Hunt Club
Berrian Lake Road

GPS: N 30 41.625 W 85 51.976

Fee: None

Single lane concrete boat ramp.

Unmarked parking for 10-12 vehicles. Wood clubhouse to
north of ramp with electric.
Turn off of Hwy 181 onto dirt Coon Bottom Rd, go 0.9 miles
to an intersection, turn right, go 0.4 miles to boat ramp.

last visited: August 2010

Cedar Log Landing (Old)
Boat Ramp
Cedar Log Lake Rd

GPS: N 30 40.985 W 85 52.320

Fee: None

FWC operated boat ramp.

Single lane concrete boat ramp on slough off
Choctawhatchee River.
Parking for 4-6 vehicles. Private property on both sides, do
not block driveway. Google map is wrong, road ends at the
boat ramp.

last visited: Aug 2010

Berrian Lake Landing Boat Ramp
(Berry Ann Landing)
1358 Berrian Lake Road
(850) 892-8703.

GPS: N 30 42.038 W 85 51.665

Fee: None

Walton county operated boat ramp
Wide, single lane concrete boat ramp on Berry Ann Lake off
of the Choctawhatchee River.

Nice park with 2 concrete picnic tables, trash cans.
Unmarked parking for 10-15 vehicles.

last visited: August 2010

Cerro Gordo Landing Boat Ramp

Buck Rogers Drive
Westville, Fl

GPS: N 30 50.143' W 85 52.703'
Fee: None

NWF Water Management District ramp

Unimproved dirt ramp
Photo by J B Hillard

Known as the "luckiest fishing village", Destin is the home to some of the best saltwater fishing in the United States. The 100 Fathom  (600' depth) Curve of the Gulf of Mexico draws closer
to Destin than any other spot in Florida. This, along  with  Destin's close  proximity  to  the East  Pass  and  the Gulf  of Mexico, allows quick access to the Gulf of Mexico's  fishing bounty.  
The  purpose  of  this site  is  to acquaint a new fisherman  to  the Destin area  -  our local facilities, fish, waters and fishing methods. Tight lines and good fishing!

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Black Creek Lodge Boat Ramp
710 Black Creek Lodge Rd
Freeport, FL 32439

N 30 26.232  W 86 06.546

(850) 835-2541

Fee: $ 3.00 (believe has gone up though)

Boat ramp located on private property which public is
allowed to use. Located on Black Creek less than a mile
from the Choctawhatchee river delta. Most popular ramp for
fishing the delta.
Has several areas for boat launching if various states of
repair. Parking for 30+ vehicles

Live Oak Landing Boat Ramp
229 Pitts Ave
Freeport, Fl 32439

N 30 36.383  W 087 01.412

Live Oak Landing
Live Oak Landing

Private boatramp for use by residents and guest at Live
Oak Landing. Has cabins to rent and RV parking spots.

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Baker Landing Boat Ramp
aka Old Warehouse Landing
Baker Landing Lane
Westville, Fl

GPS: 30 53.429 W 85 52.935
Fee: None

FWC/NWFWater Management operated ramp

SIngle concrete boat ramp. Very shallow at low river levels.
Nice little park on the river with 3 picnic tables, grill, trash
cans. Parking for 20 + vehicles in field.
1.5 miles from turnoff on Hwy 179A, well marked road.

last visited: August 2010