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Steele Field Landing Boat Ramp

N 30 22.576' W 86 1.383'
492 Moss Ave

Fee: $ 2.00 Honor Box

Single lane concrete ramp. On private property but public
use allowed with fee.

                                      Last visited: Feb 2011

Pine Log Landing Boat Ramp

N 30 24.465' W 85 54.602'

Fee: None

Single lane concrete boat ramp at the south end of Pine
Log Landing Road. Good ramp, parking for 10+ vehicles,
turn-around area, one trash can.

                                   Last visited: Feb 2011

Jenkins Landing Boat Ramp
5396 Choctaw Road
Vernon, FL 32462

GPS: N 30 34.849 W 85 53.299

Washington County operated park and boat ramp.

Fee: None

Single concrete boat ramp.

Parking for 20+ vehicles in open field. Camping allowed.
Pavilion with picnic tables, grill, trash can, porta-potti.

                                Last visited: August 2010

Billy Lee Landing Boat Ramp
(aka Hinson Crossroads boat ramp, Douglas Ferry Landing)
6049 Douglas Ferry Rd
Caryville, Fl 32427

GPS: N 30 40.161 W 85 52.203

Washington county operated park and boat ramp.
Two wide single lane concrete boat ramps. Northern ramp
has a lot of shoaling and is usable only by small boats.
Southern one is fine.
Parking for 30+ vehicles, no designated parking lanes.

Park has a pavilion, picnic tables, porta-potti, trash cans,
grill, fire pit.

                                         Last visited: Aug 20

Cedar Tree Landing
Boat Ramp

4985 Cedar Tree Landing Rd
Ebro, Fl 32437

GPS: N 30 28.220  W 85 52.539

Fee: $ 2.00 donation, honor box at ramp. However, box is
unlocked and does not look secure. Washington County
operated boat ramp and park. (850) 638-6078 Single lane
concrete ramp, steep. Suitable for jon boats, bass boats.

Parking for 15-20 vehicles. Covered pavilion with picnic
tables, trash container, porta-potti.

                                    Last visit: Dec 2014

Boynton Cutoff Landing
Boat Ramp
South end of Boynton Cutoff Rd.
Vernon, FL

GPS: N 30 31.427  W 85 52.272

NWF Water Management District Ramp

Excellent, wide single-lane ramp.

Parking for 7-10 vehicles. 1 picnic table, trash can, fire pit,
grill, porta-potti. No potable water or electric.

Camping permitted.

                               Last visited: Aug 2010
Otter Creek Boat Ramp

N 30 23.192 W 85 58.015

Fee: None

Dirt ramp. Should be able to launch small boats here. Small
dirt parking area for 2-3 vehicles with trailers. Narrow road
to it.

                                      Last visited: Feb 2011

Mann's Landing Boat Ramp

N 30 26.991' W 85 53.496'


River Run R/V Park
Boat Ramp
5178 Boynton Cutoff Road
Vernon, FL 32462-3889

GPS: N 30 31.587 W 85 52.372

Fee: Yes

Single ramp

           Last visited:

Gum Creek Landing Boat Ramp
Caryville Landing Boat Ramp
4664 Boatramp Rd
Caryville, Fl 32427

GPS: N 30 46.501 W 85 49.633

Fee: None

Washington county operated park and boat ramp

Single lane concrete boat ramp.

Nice park next to the Hwy 90 bridge. Lots of parking, 30+
vehicles. There is a small picnic area a hundred yards east
of the ramp with picnic tables, pavilion, trash cans.

                                     last visited: August 2010

Boat Ramp Road Launch
South End of Boat Ramp Rd (dirt)
Caryville, FL  32427

GPS: N 30 47.702 W 85 49.405

Fee: None

Walking access to the Choctawhatchee River and    
Wrights Creek. (No ramp, carry in). Parking for about 10
vehicles. No facilities. Isolated.

                                   Last visited: August 2010

Ward Landing Boat Ramp
West end of Boat Ramp Rd
Caryville, FL 32427

GPS: N 30 48.697 W 85 49.671

Fee: None

FWC operated boat ramp
Single concrete boat ramp.
Unimproved (dirt) parking area for about 5-8 vehicles along
the road/open area at the top of the ramp. Trash cans, no
other facilities.

Boat Ramp sign on Hwy 179, turn left on Boat Ramp Rd, go
0.8 miles, turn right on Boat Ramp Rd to the end.  Dirt road.

                              last visited: August 2010

Bear Hewett Landing
end of dirt road
Caryville, FL  32427

GPS: 30 48.868 W 85 50.333

NW Florida Water Management District ramp

Unimproved dirt ramp with parking for 10+ vehicles

Curry Ferry Boat Ramp
1465 Curry Ferry Rd
Pittman, FL

GPS: N 30 55.140 W 85 51.107

Fee: None

FWC/NWFWMD operated ramp.

Long, steep single lane concrete boat ramp.
Nice grassy area at top of small bluff overlooking a slough
of the river. Parking for 30+ vehicles, also co located with
the area's baseball field.  No facilities at the boat ramp

last visited: August 2010

Pittman Boat Ramp
South end of Choctawhatchee Lane
2248 Hwy 2
Pittman, FL

GPS: N 30 56.862 W 85 50.603
Fee: None
FWC/NWFWMD park and ramp
Long, steep single lane concrete boat ramp.

Located in a nice park on a small bluff overlooking the
Choctawhatchee River, just south of the Hwy 2 bridge.  
Park had a pavilion, 2 picnic tables, grill, trash cans.
Parking for 20+ vechicles in large grassy field. River was
very low during August visit, large sand bar at bottom of
ramp making boat launch impossible, would have to have
carried it 50 '.

last visited: Aug 2010

Pine Log Park Boat Ramp

N 30 24.602' W 85 53.178'

Nice single lane concrete ramp. Unimproved (grass/dirt)
parking area for 15+ vehicles with trailers. Two picnic
tables, trash can. No bathrooms or lights.

Ramp is 1.4 miles from the paved road (Pine Logging
Road/Gumlock Cemetary Rd). At the 0.5 mile point, they
have stopped putting gravel down and it is sand/dirt the rest
of the way. Some areas have deep soft sand, need to keep
your speed up throught them. At the 1.2 mile point, you
need to bear right, the road straight ahead is soft sand.

Bay County boat ramp
                                   Last visited: Feb 2011

The Landing Boat Ramp

N 30 26.174' W 85 54.090'

Fee: $  3.00 launch
         $15.00 camp overnight

Private ramp with public use allowed for fee. Nice wide
concrete ramp with parking for 6+ vehicles with trailers.
Honor box next to ramp. Owner lives next to ramp.

                                   Last visited: Feb 2011
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