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Alaqua Creek is located approximately 20 driving miles east of Destin via the mid-bay bridge. Its headwaters start in the eastern part of
the massive Eglin Reservation and flows south to the northeast part of the Choctawhatchee Bay.

It is first accessible to the public from the Eglin Road 205 (Site C-6 Cutoff Rd)
bridge, about 4 river miles above the Hwy 20 bridge. There is walk-in access to
the creek on the southwest side of the bridge for kayaks or canoes. This entire
area is a part of the Eglin Reservation.

Public access is allowed to the south of the
bridge, but not to the north. An Eglin Permit is
required to use this portion of Alaqua Creek.
The Eglin Permit can be obtained from
Jackson Guard  in Niceville.

There is a small path down to creek on the southwest side of the bridge. Limited parking along the road as there is no designated parking lot.

The creek here is relatively narrow and slow
moving, depending on water levels.
It is about 4 miles from the Eglin Road 205 bridge down to the next access point, the Hwy 20 bridge. During this portion of the creek, it begins
to widen and also pick up speed. There are many trees down in the water and you may have to cut them away or find another way around
them. The land surrounding the river is not much higher than the river itself and floods. Banks are muddy with a lot of underbrush and trees.
As you approach the powerlines, about a mile up creek from Hwy 20, the creek starts to widen and deepen.
At the Hwy 20 bridge, the water has slowed and the creek has grown deeper and wider. The Alaqua Creek Park is located on the northwest
side of the bridge and has a boat ramp, dock, picnic area, porta-potti. Parking for 20+ vehicles.
Below the Hwy 20 bridge, the creek slow rolls to the Choctawhatchee Bay. It is deep, wide and has numerous docks and houses along the
way. About a mile south of Hwy 20, you will pass Portland Park on the west side of the river. Another nice park with a new boat ramp,
pavilion, parking, and a portapotti. This used to be a good "mullet hole" before the new boat ramp was built. There are several other "holes"
south of here.
The old Mullet Hole at the old Portland Park boat ramp.
A new ramp has been constructed.
One of the fishing holes south of the Hwy 20 bridge on Alaqua
Portland Park Boat ramp and park.
Portland Park Boat ramp and park.
Hwy 20 bridge crossing Alaqua Creek.
Alaqua Creek just north of the Hwy 20 bridge.
Power lines crossing the creek about a mile above hwy 20
You will come across numerous trees down in the creek.
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