______  Two rod & reels

                _______Light weight rod/reel/line for fishing surface lures.

                                - ROD: 6-7' Light action
                                - REEL: Light weight spinning or bait casting reel
                                - LINE:  8 to 12# test, monofilament or braid

______ Medium weight rod/reel/line for bottom fishing

                                - ROD: 8-10' Medium-heavy action
                                - REEL:  Medium action spinning reel
                                - LINE:  20 TO 30# test, monofilament or braid

______        Terminal tackle, lures, and bait:

                ______ Gotchas, rigged with 3-4' 40# fluorocarbon leader or wire.

                ______ Pompano jigs, your choice.

                ______ Fish finder rigs for live bait, at least 3 as you will lose some to
                             the rocks

                ______ Chicken (Dropper) rigs and/or Pompano rigs (3-4)

                ______ Egg sinkers, 2, 4, 6 oz

                ______ Pyramid sinkers, 2, 4, 6 oz

                ______ Circle hooks, 2/0, 4/0, 6/0 as needed

                ______ Swivels, 80#

                ______ Bubble rigs, 2

                ______ Bait (squid, cut bait, shrimp, etc)
______ Back pack or shoulder bag to carry everything in.

______ Hat

______ Water and other beverage of choice

______ Sun Block

______ Needle nose pliars

______ Knife

______ Bag or cooler to carry your fish home in.  I use a soft side cooler with shoulder strap.  
Place you my water/drinks in a plastic bag in this bag to keep separate from the fish and bait.
Enough ice for the trip.(If possible, gut the fish there)

______ Landing net or gaff. For the large fish. Sometimes you can not get down to the water
level due to the waves

______ Good pair of soft sole shoes to walk on the rocks with.

______ Food as desired

______ Two - three # 6 or # 8 hook Sabiki rigs if you plan to catch live bait

______ Bait (Squid, cut bait, shrimp, etc)

______ Towel for holding fish, wiping hands.

______ Fishing license for non-Florida residents, picture ID for Florida residents

______ Measuring stick.

______ Copy of Florida Fishing regulations with size limits, etc.