Ramps & Parking: Has 5 concrete ramps with loading docks next to each. Paved parking lot with marked   
parking for   47 vehicles with trailers. Two are marked handicapped. Addtional parking is available across the
street in a gravel overflow parking lot. Vehicles without trailers must park across the street.

Operating Hours: Dawn to dusk. There are no gates.

Security: An attendant is on duty during the day during most of the summer. There are no gates or fences and
it can be accessed 24 hours. However, the official hours are dawn to dusk.  The Okaloosa County sheriff office
does patrol the area and it is in a residential area on a main street.

Fee:  $ 20.00 to launch per day. Attendant collects while on duty, otherwise there is an honor box with
envelopes next to the attendants office. City of Destin residents may obtain a free annual pass  for
one boat from the  Destin Community Center located at 101 Stahlman Ave in Destin. Nonresident annual decal
is $205.00.  (850-654-5184). Residents must show proof of residency, picture ID, and boat and trailer

Facilities Available: Public bathrooms are located beside the ramps in the attendants building. A dumpster is
located next to them. The area is lighted at night. There are no more fresh water washdown stations. There are
no picnic areas or grills.

Using the ramps: NO reservations, first come, first serve. Therefore, most locals are there early during the
summer (before 8:00 am) to be able to launch relatively quickly and to find a parking space.

Launch Procedures: Signs on Beach Drive will direct you to the northern side of the complex where you will
turn on the paved road leading to the ramps. If vehicles are ahead of you, just wait in line and follow them.
Upon arrival at the attendants station, he will check your decal or obtain payment. When a ramp comes open,
he will direct you to it. The ramps are numbered, with # 1 being next to the station, and # 5 the farthest away.

Once cleared  and the ramp is free,  turn right when abeam the ramp and back down to it. Stop at the waters
edge, remove your tiedowns, check your plug and engine. All other preparations (food, ice, bait, etc) should
have been put into the boat before reaching the ramp.

Back the boat in and have your assistant hold onto the rope and tie it off while you park your vehicle. Your
passengers should board now and everyone be ready to go as soon as you get back from parking.  If the
assistant can drive the boat, they should move the boat to the northern dock where you can get in.

Use caution and proceed to the channel at the mouth of Joes Bayou. While not marked, it is a City of Destin
Ordinance that that part of Joes Bayou is a NO WAKE ZONE. However, there will be jet skis and other boats
everywhere at all speeds, so keep your eyes out.

Recovery Procedure: When returning to the ramp, it is best if you can drop your vehicle driver off at the
northern dock and let them go get your trailer. Even though they may be parked next to the ramp, they much
pull out and get in the launch/recovery line with  the other vehicles. When they reach the attendant, he will
direct you to the ramp to use for recovery. If you are driving the boat, hold a little ways away from the ramps
until you see your driver back the trailer down.

Proceed with your normal recovery. Once the boat is on the trailer, the driver should pull out and must proceed
down the southern road past the white line marked on the ground. There is a an oak tree beside it that will take
out your antenna if you are not careful. Once past the white line, complete you normal recovery procedures to
get the boat and trailer ready for the road.
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Known as the "luckiest fishing village", Destin is the home to some of the best saltwater fishing in the United States. The 100 Fathom  (600' depth) Curve of the Gulf of Mexico draws closer
to Destin than any other spot in Florida. This, along  with  Destin's close  proximity  to  the East  Pass  and  the Gulf  of Mexico, allows quick access to the Gulf of Mexico's  fishing bounty.  
The  purpose  of  this site  is  to acquaint a new fisherman  to  the Destin area  -  our local facilities, fish, waters and fishing methods. Tight lines and good fishing!

Joe's Bayou
Boat Ramp

This is a 1.5 acre city
run park with 5 concrete
boat ramps. It is the
most popular ramp in

800 Beach Drive
Destin, FL  32541

N 30 24.63   W086 29.45

It is about 4 miles east
of the Destin Bridge.


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Joe's Bayou Recreation Area
Status: Grant Funding Pending
Estimated Completion:

In November 2016, the city purchased a 3.9 acre piece of property between Joe’s Bayou Boat Launch and the
Mattie Kelly Pier and Nature Walk. The property was formerly owned by the concrete company, CEMEX. In
December 2016, staff submitted a grant application for Natural Resource Damage Assessment (Restoration Project)
funds for this area known Joe’s Bayou Recreational Area.
The grant request includes: (1) Develop an updated Master Plan that integrates all the recreational elements and
infrastructure to maximize public access and recreational experiences, as well as restore and enhance the coastal
environment and surrounding waters. (2) Restore the CEMEX property by removing the existing gravel and replace
with native Zone 2 white sand. (3) Construct both the infrastructure and environmental improvements based on the
updated Master Plan.
Additionally, the project would accomplish the following goals:
Enhance public access to natural resources for recreational use (such as fishing and boating with a combination of
ecological restoration and creation of infrastructure, access and use opportunities).
Enhance recreational experiences.
Promote environmental stewardship and education.
Create, restore and enhance coastal wetlands.
Restore oyster bed habitat.
Enhance submerged aquatic vegetation.